Karen Wiseman Australian Artist 

Karen Wiseman (°1958, Victoria, Australia) Surrealism ,Realism,

Mixed Media, Artist

 I Work in Mixed Media ,Collage, Coloured Pencil, Graphite Acrylic,Watercolour, Oils.

My art is inspired by the rich fauna of my surroundings. 

My Art is produced between  the realm of memory and the realm of experience, directly responding to the surrounding environment and everyday experiences  with nature as a starting point.

Often these are framed instances which would go unnoticed in their original context. In my surrealism work I can easily imagine my own interpretation without being hindered by the reality.  


The energy in my work the emotional and spiritual vibrations are always important to my creation of the work.

My art is my visual language.  

My works seem juxtaposed realism versus surrealism and  I believe this is my homage to my twin sister Ruth.

I love both the surrealism and the realism in my works, both complementing and entwining into each other.

I am the First Surrealist Collage artist to be featured on the T.V Show

"Colour in Your Life"  that is viewed on over 500 T.V, around the world plus You-Tube, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest. I am honored to be the First Surrealism, Collage artist to be featured on Colour In Your Life, giving me the opportunity to show you what I do.  

I am a member of the Australasia Coloured Pencil Society, and proud to be a featured artist in an international publication for coloured pencil artists. 

I regularly run workshops in different genres, Mixed Media Painting, Drawing, Collage

I am available to do workshops locally & interstate

I  have online mentor-ship in my techniques and how to create beautiful abstracts, these online courses are absolutely jammed packed with information, and its all about having fun.

My husband supports my art in many ways, We always have the most fun when we are on adventure for subject material, research we call it. 

It was my husband that encouraged me to further my art education and so I went to Tafe and did a diploma in visual arts passing with merit, the diploma created a pathway for  me to go to University to gain my degree in Visual Arts as a mature age student.

I believe It's never too late to follow your dreams. 

I specialize in Art as Therapy, with positive  gaugeable  results with clients who have suffered  depression, schizophrenia, post traumatic stress disorder, bipolar, multiple personality disorder, just to name a few.  

For All inquiry's pop over  to my contact page 

My art has taken me to some amazing places I was a employed as a Diversionary Therapist on Thursday Island in the Torres Strait, and was honored to receive a totem name before I left.

.I am competent in all mediums after 30 years of art experience, formal training, and I continue to study, and experiment  to bring out the best and up to date techniques, keeping my work fresh vibrant and edgy.  I have won awards in all genres.

 My contact details are on the contact page of my website, I would love to hear from you, 

 If your interested in purchasing my online courses fill in the contact page  

I am competent in all mediums after 30 years of art experience, experimentation, and formal training in all mediums. Give me a call today 

I can bring out the artist in you, and before you know it you will be drawing /painting, and enjoying one of the most beautiful things in life to do.. 

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